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X2 Print Accounting  v.0.2

About X2 Print AccountingA complete client-side solution used to bill clients for printing.

HSLAB Print Logger FE  v.

Lower your printing expenses by print accounting! HSLAB Print Logger logs and limits all printing activity on network print server.


PaperCut Print Logger  v.1.7

PaperCut Print Logger is a simple monitoring solution that enables you to keep track of all print jobs that are performed on a standalone or shared printer. It keeps daily logs that contain the name of the document, the user name,

PrintUsage Pro  v.3.5

This print accounting and management program records all print activities to a central database and provides print management, print tracking, print control,

LogSheet  v.

logSheet is a cross-platform, client-based print accounting and document analysis solution for any office, legal practice, creative studio, or architectural firm that is looking for a way to recover, track or charge-back printing costs.

Jasmine2  v.2.0.2

JASmine is a print accounting system for CUPS.

CZ Print Release Station - Master  v.4.0.0012

CZ Print Release Station is a print management software, best-suited ultimate print control solution for libraries / schools / colleges / universities of low budget, where print jobs hold and release is centralized and unwanted print is restricted.

CZ Print Job Tracker  v.

Want to know who are printing documents with your printer? Want to know what documents you print, when and where you print them? Want to control which print job will be perform first and which one later? No problem!

PrintTrak  v.

PrintTrak is a cost effective print logging and accounting; solution in situations such as businesses, libraries, internet cafes and schools/universities where print costs need to be monitored and/or recovered.

PaperCut NG  v.12.1 Build 16778

PaperCut NG is a print and internet quota, charging, tracking and monitoring system designed to promote the responsible use of IT resources. Its a premium cross-platform solution specifically designed to meet the needs of schools,

PaperCut  v.

Excess printing incurs huge costs on educational/academic institutions in both hidden and explicit ways. Are you looking for ways to cut back? Over 20,000 K-12 schools, colleges and universities worldwide use PaperCut NG to control costs.

Printer Squirrel  v.2 3

Do you need to ... Find out which users are printing what. Put users into functional groups/classes. Charge users/groups for printer usage. Produce reports/charts on printer usage.

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